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Mysuru : The Yoga capital of the World

"Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self"

The word Yoga means physical, mental and spiritual practice or discipline. yogaday4.jpg

This form originated in India. However, Mysore is deemed as the Yoga Capital of the World. There are a large number of schools and Yoga centers in the city that are playing a key role in disseminating the knowledge of Yoga to the world. Much celebrated Yoga gurus like Sri Pattabi Jois and Sri B.K.S. Iyangar, spent a major part of their lives, spreading awareness about Yoga to the World. Thanks to Gurus like them, Mysore’s popularity grew manifold and it has become one of the most preferred Yoga destinations of the entire world. yogaday3.jpg

The most popular style of Yoga that is taught in Mysore is the Ashtanga Yoga. This form of Yoga involves putting the body through a progressive series of postures while synchronizing the breath (Asanas). Regular practice of Yoga helps to detoxify the body while strengthening the muscles and organs. Many popular Yoga training institutes like Mysore Mandala, Atma Vikasa etc, continue to be Yoga hotspots in Mysore and many more such hotspots can be found in the neighbourhood of Gokulam and Jayalakshmipuram. yogaday2.jpg

Not surprisingly, Yoga practice in Mysore has attracted a large foreign crowd as well. Since one would require a minimum time of around one month to get a decent knowledge of Yoga, people visiting from elsewhere stay in the city (usually from November to March) and there are facilities to make their stay a wonderful experience. yogaday1.jpg

Every year, International Day of YOGA is being celebrated in Mysuru with much excitement and grand preparations. Thousands of Mysoreans gather together for a colourful and impressive session of Yoga. Along with the rich native cultural, historical monuments, tourist hotspots, geographical indications and many other characteristics that make our city as special as it is, YOGA is certainly yet another feather in the cap of Mysuru!

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