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Dialogue with the Dynamic : A candid conversation with Krupa Sumanth

1. Why you chose your respective field?

I chose the respective field as clothes are my passion. I've grown up loving colours, fabrics, designs and textures. So it was ideal, with no doubt, to start my work as a hobby.

2. As an entrepreneur, what was the hardest thing you had to face and how did you overcome it?

As an entrepreneur, I started it with full enthusiasm. From the word 'Go', it was a good show. But there were challenges I had to face in the process, which I rectified; like regarding payments, picking the right designers, doing the shows at the right seasons and henceforth. But I fixed the issues with determination and will power.

3. The most memorable moment of the entrepreneurship journey so far?

Most memorable journeys are many, but a few close to my heart are - when there were political issues and curfew in the city just before the show. How I handled it and pulled it off well, in times of crises, was very satisfactory. Also in one particular show, I had 50 designers from around the country participating under my banner 'Impressionz' and all of them did extremely well.

4. How has Mysuru influenced your growth?

Mysore has grown into me, as I'm from Bangalore and came to Mysore after marriage. Initially, it was like - 'This city is laid back and no one is enterprising.' But with time, the city has grown in leaps and bounds. People are ready to experiment, try new things, venture into something different. They are surely easy on their purse too. Since it's not a very big city, getting recognition and being known for your work was easy. Loads of love and appreciation has given me the confidence to move to bigger cities to do my exhibitions.

5. Your advise to aspiring/budding women entrepreneurs?

My advice would be - keep your passion alive, don't let anyone stop you for any reason. You know yourself best, so you can move in your own pace. Compete with your own self and move forward.

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