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Gumbaz, Srirangapatna

Gumbaz, Srirangapatna, Mandya District

A tomb built by Tipu Sultan for his valiant father “Hyder Ali”. Today the tomb enshrines the cenotaphs of “Tipu, Hyder Ali and mother Fatima Begum”.The premises around the Gumbaz also have cenotaphs of Tipu’s relatives. Tipus second wife and daughter’s cenotaphs are also present here.

The Gumbaz is around 220 years old and is 20 meters in height, with a granite ceiling and carved walls, geometrically perfect, well polished 36 granite pillars stand support to the whole structure. Inside the Gumbaz, walls are painted with tiger stripes in relation to Tipu’s association with the Tiger. The black polished granite doors with well done carvings are very attractive.

In 18th century when the Tomb was originally made, it was flanked with three entrance doors, made completely out of Gold and Silver. They were disengaged by the British after they conquered Srirangapatna and sent to London. Currently they are exhibited at Albert Museum of London. The 36 pillars in the structure denote the 36 years rule of Hyder & Tipu (Together) over Mysore. The first wife of Tipu is buried at Vellore.

A mosque or Masjid-E-Aksa is attached to the Gumbaz, local parishioners offer prayers regularly at this place. Also an olden day’s horse stable is found in the premises.

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