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Jini’s Pilates Studio and Wellness Cafe: A New Wellness Spot in Mysore

Exciting news for Mysore! Jini’s Pilates Studio and Wellness Café have just opened, bringing Pilates to the city for the first time. This spot isn’t just about working out – it’s about feeling good inside and out.

You’ll find Jini’s Pilates Studio in VV Mohalla, right behind Fresh Catch Seafood Restaurant. The studio is in a cool old house that got a modern makeover, making it a friendly place for everyone, no matter your fitness level.


So, why Pilates? It’s not just exercise; it’s about making your core strong, improving how you stand, and toning your muscles. Jini’s believes Pilates is the key to not just a healthier body but a happier mind too. It makes you more flexible and helps you relax, reducing stress and making you feel good all over.

But wait, there’s more! Jini’s also has a Wellness Café open to everyone. They serve tasty and healthy food, and the place is cozy with lots of greenery and comfy furniture – a perfect spot to chill after your Pilates session.

Ready to join in? Just give them a call at 9686868697 for membership details or visit Whether you’re a workout pro or just starting, Jini’s Pilates Studio and Health Café are here to help you feel your best.