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Payana – Dharmasthala Car Museum on the Mysuru-Bangaluru Highway

Dharmasthala’s Manjusha Museum, lovingly curated by Veerendra Heggade, now has a new jewel in Srirangapatna, Mandya – ‘Payana.’ This grand museum, sprawling across 70,000 sqft, proudly displays a vibrant array of cars, bikes, and artifacts. Shaped like a tire, it’s not just a museum; it’s an ode to Karnataka’s rich history and a unique spot for learning, where stories of our heritage unfold through classic wheels.

Veerendra Heggade, a true automobile aficionado, ignited this venture when he realized his donated beauties needed more room to shine. Now, ‘Payana’ stands completed, showcasing around 75 cars, and welcomes enthusiasts to flaunt their beloved rides for varying stretches. Beyond the cars, expect a delightful journey exploring cycles, bullock carts, and a special corner embracing the treasures of our coastal districts.

This isn’t just about automobiles; it’s a celebration of Karnataka’s automotive soul. ‘Payana’ is where tradition meets innovation, inviting you to immerse in the charm of our heritage, one wheel at a time. Veerendra Heggade’s vision unfolds gracefully, making this museum not just a destination but a nostalgic ride through Karnataka’s automotive legacy. Come, let’s cruise through history in style.